How To Be Epic Just By Breathing (The Wim Hof Method)

Wim Hof is a strange Dutch guy. I fist got to see him at a Ted talk, where he immersed himself in ice. Something an average person wouldn’t cope well with. But Wim Hof was more than fine. This is a guy who climbs Mount Everest with no shirt and does the same when running a marathon in Lapland. Just to be clear, this is the place where all of us would cover every single body part just to avoid freezing to death. So how does he do it?

What Is The Wim Hof Method?

Very simply put, it’s a series of breathing exercises. A sort of meditation, where he can control his body’s reaction to certain factors, such as the cold. I’ve found a good introduction video where Wim Hof describes exactly what he’s doing and how. He has a course, but there’s plenty of free advice on the Wim Hof method online. For example, YouTube is full of interviews where he gives a lot away for free.

Does It Work?

So I think we can all agree this is a strange guy. But he has an intriguing idea and techniques to follow up those ideas. Does it work? Scientifically, yes it has been proven that he can boost his immune system. Practically, he walks around with shorts in an environment where most people just wouldn’t cope. So yes it works. But whether it works just for him, or all of us is a different question.

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