Immunity Boosting Benefits Of Mushrooms

I was watching an interview with Tim Ferris about his new book – “Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World”which by the way I’ve started reading this week (about 20% through the book) and is absolutely awesome! Highly recommend you go pick up a copy. It’s basically a compilation of a few hard hitting questions to an eclectic group of “successful” people in various areas of expertise … an easy read. You could read a couple of interviews a day. It’s a book you can pick up for a few minutes and put down and still having learned something.

Anyway, what does this have to do with the health benefits of mushrooms? Well one of the interviews is with someone  I had never heard of … Samin Nosrat. She is a chef and wrote a New York Times bestseller called Salt Fat Acid Heat. I haven’t read it, but it’s on my “to read” list. Anyway, one of the questions was what the best recent purchase was under a $100. She replied it was an immunity boosting supplement. Now, I tried quite a few vitamins, pills and supplements and found that none of them worked. She recommended Paul Stamets’s Host Defense MyCommunity mushroom complex, which is apparently an incredible immunity supplement. I haven’t tried it yet, and will be posting here with my review of the Host Defense MyCommunity mushroom complex once I’ve had a chance to test Samin’s claim that this is the best immunity supplement on the market right now. But it did make me wonder why mushrooms?

… And how can something that is part of a fungus be good for you!? Well let’s take a look at the science behind it before I purchase a box of these supplements.

Do Mushrooms Really Boost Health?

Shitake health benefitsThere are literally thousands of mushroom species globally, but only a handful (well around 20) are used in cooking. I know Shiitake mushrooms are supposed to be very good for us, but why? And is this the best one to be eating, or is there a super mushroom we should all be eating this winter to protect ourselves for the cold weather?

There’s lots of claims Shitake mushrooms are great for you, but the science actually backs this up. In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. It was shown that eating shiitake mushroom daily could boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Another mushroom which gets a lot of press is Maitakes. This Japanese mushroom has been recognized by the American Cancer Society. This is another mushroom that could be ingested as part of say a mushroom risotto. Another Japanese mushroom called Reishi, has again been shown to boost your body. However this is usually found in supplement form.

Apart from the health benefits discussed here, mushrooms like Lion’s Mane have been shown to boost brain function.

Should You Start Eating Them Or Popping Pills?

So does taking mushroom (either fresh or supplements) make you a super-human? I don’t think anything does. But the research does seem to suggest they can give you an edge when it comes to brain power, and boost your immunity. That’s enough to convince me to at least start eating some of the mushrooms mentioned in this post. I will also be looking at the best supplements to test out, which I of course will list here.

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How To Be Epic Just By Breathing (The Wim Hof Method)

Wim Hof is a strange Dutch guy. I fist got to see him at a Ted talk, where he immersed himself in ice. Something an average person wouldn’t cope well with. But Wim Hof was more than fine. This is a guy who climbs Mount Everest with no shirt and does the same when running a marathon in Lapland. Just to be clear, this is the place where all of us would cover every single body part just to avoid freezing to death. So how does he do it?

What Is The Wim Hof Method?

Very simply put, it’s a series of breathing exercises. A sort of meditation, where he can control his body’s reaction to certain factors, such as the cold. I’ve found a good introduction video where Wim Hof describes exactly what he’s doing and how. He has a course, but there’s plenty of free advice on the Wim Hof method online. For example, YouTube is full of interviews where he gives a lot away for free.

Does It Work?

So I think we can all agree this is a strange guy. But he has an intriguing idea and techniques to follow up those ideas. Does it work? Scientifically, yes it has been proven that he can boost his immune system. Practically, he walks around with shorts in an environment where most people just wouldn’t cope. So yes it works. But whether it works just for him, or all of us is a different question.

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5 Tips To Be More Awesome Today

Being your best can be hard, but with these quick five tips, you’ll be on your way to be the best person you could be! Don’t feel like you need to follow every step all at once. Pick one, master it, make it a habit and only then move on to the next. If you think you can handle it, of course, go do all of them at once. But try not to get too overwhelmed. It’s better to do one thing right, then 5 things wrong.

So here we go!

how-to-meditate1. Meditate

I was always skeptical about meditation. I tried it, didn’t really worked. I’m much too active, so sitting still is difficult. I also thought it was a huge waste of time. But research has proven that meditation has numerous health benefits. What’s more, just ten minutes of meditation each day can boost brain power by increasing your ability to concentrate and focus on complex challenges. So sit done, and start meditating. If you don’t know how, get a meditation app on your phone which will guide you along. But there isn’t really a wrong way of meditating to be honest. It’s more about being in the present without thinking about all your problems.

2. Lift Weights

This applies to both men and women. Lifting weight can boost strength, tone your body and do much more. But for the purposes of this article, it actually increases your metabolism. That’s a great thing if you don’t want to be overweight. A faster metabolism burns more calories even when doing absolutely nothing. But what’s more, it will increase your energy and give you that boost to do all those things others are too tired to do.

3. Read More

Smart people read. Full stop. There’s not debate. So start learning from other people’s experiences by reading their book, their biographies and expand your mind. I don’t think this requires a more detailed explanation.

4. Make Friends

New research suggests that loneliness kills. Don’t be the guy that’s always alone. I’m an introvert so I like being alone, and don’t feel lonely. But that doesn’t stop me from going out once in a while. Grow your number of friends. You can learn from them, they can be there for you, and you never know who they know. Your life will be so much better with some good friendships.

5. Drink More Coffee

There’s so much debate these days on whether coffee is good for you, or whether it’s just poison. Science has now confirmed that it’s good (within reason). If you drink a few cups of coffee each day, it can help you focus, boost motivation, increase happiness and increase short term memory. There;s plenty of other health benefits, but I think that’s enough to convince you to start drinking that caffeine (or at least not feel too guilty about it anymore). Don’t overdo it though. The negatives outweigh the benefits after more than a few cups of coffee.

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